Meet the Designer

Allie Hanson Jewelry Artist
 As a kid, Allie constantly dreamed of       finding treasure.  So, as a grown up, she     decided to make her own and share it with   you. 
 Allie creates designs that are inspired by   nature, architecture and her vivid   landscape and art-filled dreams.  Using   those inspirations to craft each piece is   transformative for her. Creating community   through art is a vital part of her journey, so   the thread of energy, the essence that   exists to connect each person to her   jewelry is something that brings great   meaning to her work. 

Using materials that naturally occur in nature, like faceted crystals and gems, is important to Allie.  She has always been interested in how things are connected, how structure and light affect each other and how depth of color plays with the eye and engages the heart.  

Allie is a true California artisan, born in Santa Barbara, now residing in the picturesque artistic community of Ojai with her husband Daniel and their 3 kitties; Orio, Eli & June and their giant white Husky Klaus.

“I want people to feel like opening one of my boxes is like opening a gift. And when they see the piece & wear the piece, that they feel like they’ve been transported thru a portal to another cool, alternate dimension.” 

~ Allie Hanson ~